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What does it mean to be sovereign?

What does it mean to be sovereign?  Sovereignty can initially be a confusing concept and in reality it is very simple. To be sovereign means to be an independent adult in interdependent relationships while still being 100% responsible and 100% accountable for everything in your life.  Most people believe that they control their own destiny, yet they are generally mistaken.  Practically all have it within their power to achieve such control and influence but tend to give it away through free will choice in exchange for benefits and privileges from the state and other corporations or people.

A Sovereign man or womb-man has the will and ability to govern oneself and exercises it every day.  Knowing who you are, is the key to unraveling the secret that holds us back from attaining true freedom.  He or she also recognizes that with self governance comes the duty to self restrict activities should they harm another and works diligently to ensure that he or she does not force their will upon another.  The state’s duty is to govern those who do not have the will or the ability to govern oneself and a Sovereign man or womb-man will do what they can to support the public as they too have a duty to those who are not governing them selves.

There is a good test to see if you are sovereign.  Remember the definition of “slave” by Oxford is “someone who is excessively dependent upon or controlled by something”.  The test is this:

Do an inventory of your life.  Look at all areas of your life where your money flows, for those areas will usually easily identify dependencies that you have.  Don’t forget all the corporate bills, government services, banking, grocery stores, etc.

Now ask yourself this question:

If anything happened where I no longer received these services, benefits or privileges, would my family and I be okay? If the answer is no, then you may be excessively dependent and as such you are probably not sovereign.

Here are two more good question to ask:

Did I revoke my consent to being governed by the state or are they continuing to assume that I am vulnerable and that I need protecting?  Am I participating in their system and is that enough evidence to allow them to make those assumptions?

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