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TV Shows condition us to accept new tracking and surveillance technology

I was thinking about the NSA / Snowden whistle blower and how surprised people were when they found out how much the governments were spying on them.

However, if we were consciously think about what we hear, we would have asked the question about this when we watch TV shows. For example, when watching Numb3rs, NCIS or any cop type show, when they do a search for terrorism chatter, what do you think they are searching? How is it that they show on TV the actual process of pulling phone, credit card, banking, employment, medical and other such information during their investigation but yet nobody questions them acquiring that information without warrants, or do it despite not having warrants.

I’ve seen multiple NCIS shows where they track their bad guy using cameras in the street using facial recognition and tracking. These TV shows have conditioned us to not question any of this stuff and to think that this level of surveillance is for our protection. This level of surveillance is very intrusive and the scarey part is that I’m not surprised that people are so surprised. That is the sad part of this whole post. I knew this stuff would come out and deep down I also knew that most people would be floored by the news. They have been showing us how it is done for years. I also remember a NCIS episode where they were talking about RFID scanners that can scan your credit card, drivers license and other RFID embedded in your wallet. This stuff does exist, it is being used and there is no security to it at all.

I choose to limit the personal information I give out to them. What I post here on my blog and Facebook is with my full knowledge and awareness that it is being tracked, recorded and analyzed. I do so because it is more important that other people are made aware of these kinds of issues and as such I accept the risks and responsibilities associated with making these kinds of posts. I do so because my spirit moves me to be vocal and blunt.

I pray that more stuff that I’ve been talking about for years start to come out into the main stream. I pray that it rocks the boat and disturbs people greatly. I welcome the great disturbance that will cause all kinds of changes. Lots of people won’t like it and will fight to avoid it. I welcome the change and I stand here with others ready to help people through all of this.

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