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Global Issues

There is a powerful spirit on this earth

She is known here as Sylvia. She just completed a project where they fund raised to build a tiny home for a family and it has been delivered. One less homeless family. Thousands more to go. I have deep respect for ALL those who were involved in this amazing project.

I recognize that we have to address the chronic emergency issues first before we can start building independence.

Once the imminent dangers are addressed, the next step is to start teaching people how to build their own homes so that we can then build independence.

Feed a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, feed him for a life time.

With all that said, we will always have people who are dependent, whether that be the very young, our elders or the sick. Those who are capable have a duty and responsibility to those individuals. Kudos to Sylvia and all those involved. May the Creator bless you all and the lives you have touched with this generous expression of love, compassion and empathy. Kudos for taking responsibility where others refuse! Kudos for embarrassing those who have turned their backs on those in need.

More info from her facebook page


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