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The Fraud called ‘Money’

Back in March 2011 I did some analysis to show people how inflation is nothing more than the banks using it as a means to steal from people and how it shows that fiat currency has no value, it is volatile and demonstrates the ability for the banks to manipulate it so easily.  The first graph is how much US dollars one would need in order to purchase a ton of wheat.


US Dollars to purchase a ton of wheatUS Dollars to purchase a ton of wheat


What the above graph shows is that rather than the price of wheat going up over time, what is really happening is the purchasing power of the US dollar is actually going down, resulting in a requirement to have more of it in order to purchase wheat.  The black trend line is the representation of the average US dollar price of wheat over time.  It trends up and as such it appears that wheat has been getting more and more expensive.  However, if we were to purchase wheat with silver, we will find that the price trend for wheat actually went down over the same period.


Silver to purchase a ton of wheat

Silver to purchase a ton of wheat


Don’t believe me that Wheat prices have actually dropped?  How about we purchase wheat with sugar instead.  Here we see the same downward trend in the price of wheat.


Sugar to purchase a ton of wheat

Sugar to purchase a ton of wheat

These graphs demonstrate the when we observe the prices of commodities while we stand on the dollar, it would appear that all the commodities are getting more and more expensive.  However, if we were to observe commodity prices standing on other commodities, we find that the prices actually fluctuate up and down based on supply and demand and that over time, they average out – when comparing them to one another.  The only exception is the price of the US dollar which is falling through the floor as it gets more and more watered down due to an over supply.  Reason:  the Federal Reserve.  A friend of  mine shared with me how John Nash was working on the idea to link currencies to commodities.  The reason being that the banks would not be able to manipulate the currencies anymore and that it may be why he died on May 23, 2015.  Pam Keller wrote:

“Economics Nobel laureate Nash who just died in a car accident, was still doing important work: “Nash argued that the emphasis on stabilizing the value of currency should extend to the international level, where exchange rates represent currencies’ value relative to each other. He proposed that international exchange rates be fixed by pegging the value of each currency to a standardized basket of commodities, called the ‘industrial consumption price index.’ Such a policy would curtail the ability of central banks to make monetary policy.”  Was Nash working on something that would make someone want to kill him?”

She then shared this link to a news article that shows his work in this area.

The concept of linking currencies to commodities is not new.  If Nash was working in this area, I could easily see why it would benefit the establishment to see him dead.  Would it surprise you to know that our currencies were gold AND silver backed prior to 1871? When currency was backed by gold and silver, the banks were powerless to steal from the people.  The purchasing power of the gold & silver backed dollar ebbed and flowed with the commodities.  We experienced inflation and deflation as a healthy currency should flow with the commodities that are produced.

We see that ebb and flow throughout the history of the US dollar right up until recently when gold and silver was detached from the dollar.  Since then only inflation has taken hold.  If you want a really good education in currencies, I would recommend you download and read a book written in 1895 called “Coins Financial School”.  A link to the free e-book can be found here.

The main premise of the 1895 book is that when currencies are linked to gold, silver and perhaps even copper, it would be impossible for any one group to corner the market on the commodities in order to manipulate the currencies.  A premise shared by Nash and even myself.  While it is not possible for me to know for sure why Nash died, I am suspicious.  If we are going to get control of our currencies from the banks, it is time to get ride of fiat currencies and hook them back into commodities.  I’ve talked about this for years.  Until then, the banksters will continue to steal from each of us without ever entering our home.  If you really don’t understand the concept of inflation here is a short example of how it works.

Let say we have a room of 100 people and there is $1000 among them.  This economy will eventually figure out how much all the commodities are worth within the room based on how much commodities there are in relationship to how much money.  Supply and demand at work.  However, if I enter the room with another $1000 dollars and start purchasing the commodities at the current rates, I end up with a good portion of the commodities in the room and flooded the room with another $1000.  Now the 100 people have twice as much money in the room competing for 1/2 of the commodities.  As a result, commodity prices increase 4 times.  A cup that used to cost $1 now costs $4.  What I did was watered down the purchasing power of the community by flooding the room with more money while purchasing half of their commodities without anybody in the room taking notice of what I did.  They think inflation is a normal part of the economic cycle but in reality, inflating a fiat currency is a tool used by bankers to steal us all blind and keep us enslaved to their financial system.  On top of all that they engage in evil usury by charging interest on this money, which they created it out of thin air and is impossible to pay it all back.  They lend out a fictional currency and foreclose on real property when people cannot pay it back.  This is all explained in the excellent 45 minute video called “Money as Debt”

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