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Feudalism – Swearing an Oath

When somebody makes an oath they are surrendering themselves to their feudal master, to serve in what ever capacity necessary.  In doing so, they surrender their spiritual sovereign jurisdiction under the Creator.  When Justin Trudeau was sworn in, he re-affirmed his oath to the Queen.

The chairs represent the Throne. Governor General is the Queens representative and the ceremony occurred in Rideau Hall, the Manor House. The military officer standing behind him represents the Queens army (knights). The Bible is the holy book upon which the oath is administered. Justin presented himself to make the oath and re-presented Canadians. He has the authority and power of attorney to make the oath on everyone’s behalf as an elected representative of the people.

It is no different than when people swore and oath of fealty to their lord hundreds of years ago.  They just use different terms now to hide the fact that feudalism is alive and well in CANADA.

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