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Global Issues

Relationship between ‘Crown’ and our indigenous brothers & sisters

I know that my views are not popular with many.  But I will continue to share them even if it makes people feel very uncomfortable.  From my research and experience, here is what I believe the relationship looks like.

First off, we must recognize that the ‘Crown’ is a fictional construct and that many people wear masks to act as ‘agents’ representing this legal, fictional entity.  The Pope being the top of that pyramid, the Queen / King being a chess piece in a global game of taking land from ‘heathens’ through a church ‘law’ called ‘Discovery Doctrine’.  In short, if the people on the land were not Christians then the army who ‘found’ the land had authorization from the church to take it as if no Christians had a previous claim.  The people were deemed heathen (not human) and as such had no valid claim, resulting in the land being vacant.  That also opened the door to wipe them out.  Genocide occurred for hundreds of years all over the world.

The Crown viewed themselves as conquerors and as such they governed the land and anybody on the land was their subject.  The police and military being occupation armies.  In feudal terms, the indigenous were serfs (slaves) once they setup the new feudal Lord of the Manor.  This can be confirmed by reading some of the treaties that were signed.  One of the most famous was the Royal Proclamation of 1763 which was reinforced by section 25 of the Constitution Act of 1982.  In that document they forbid anybody to make any land agreements with said Indians.  If the Indians were viewed as sovereign, they would have no right or authority to dictate what the Indians could or could not do with their land.  The wording of that document made it clear that the British view was that all the land belonged to the Crown.  Even the British North American Act of 1867 made it clear in section 91 that they had jurisdiction over ‘Indians’ and ‘Lands reserved for Indians’.  This is not the language of a government that recognizes the sovereignty of a group of people but rather views them as serfs (slaves) and subject to the Crown.

This is further reinforced in Treaty 6 (1876) where the wording on the Crowns documents specifically uses the words ‘Her said Indians’ and ‘Her Indian subjects’.  The numbered treaties are viewed by the Crown as succession treaties used to tie the remaining land in under the terms of the Royal Proclamation of 1763 while the indigenous view them as peace treaties to share and protect the land.  It is clear that the Crown views the Indians as subjects, property and feudal serfs rather than equals in sovereignty and freedom.  The Crown views themselves as conquers and the Indians as the conquered, all justified under church doctrine.  They have treated them as such from the very beginning to this very day.  Even the Indian Act supports these arguments as the term ‘reserve’ is defined as ‘a tract of land, the legal title to which is vested in Her Majesty, that has been set apart by Her Majesty for the use and benefit of a band’.  As far as the Crown is concerned, ALL the land belongs to the Crown and nobody else.  Even ‘land owners’ don’t own their land but merely purchase a tenure in order to possess the land on behalf of the Crown and pay rent in the form of property taxes.

This was reinforced in the 1969 white paper when they stated on page 9 ‘Before that time there had evolved a policy of entering into agreements with the Indians, of encouraging them to settle on reserves held by the Crown for their use and benefit’.  From my discussions with elders and those who study the treaties, it is clear to me that those who participated in signing these treaties saw this as a big problem.  So they reinforced their sovereignty in order to protect the land by making it clear through song, story and dance.  The treaty is not just a one sided fictional paper document but rather a living, breathing, spiritual intent infused by the wisdom of those individuals.  However, their stories and songs are slowly being lost and that cannot be allowed to happen.  There is a HUGE disconnect between what the Crown thinks and believes and what the Indigenous people think and believe.

When I read the 1969 white paper, it screamed at me.


The Crown sees this disconnect and they are desperately working to get all the indigenous fully integrated into being participatory members of their Crown fiction called ‘CANADA’.  If they can succeed with that integration, then there would be no more individuals left to confront or challenge the legitimacy of the Crowns claim over all the land and all the people.  There is an active program that started hundreds of years ago and continues to this very day to integrate everyone.  If they don’t participate then wipe them out, discredit them, break them, jail them or take what ever means necessary to get them to back down from their heritage, language, custom, laws and land.  They are even tricking them with their own feudal tenure called ‘Aboriginal Title’.  Make no mistake about it.  Their intent is to keep title to all the land but grant a feudal tenure which is nothing more than a big shell game and a fraud. They also want all the land within the reserves to start participating with their banking systems so that they can plunge everyone into debt as well in order to repossess what they can get and take over the reserves.

The 1969 white paper is all about integration into Canadian Society.  The forward says it all when it stated ‘The Government believes that its policies must lead to the full, free and nondiscriminatory participation of the Indian people in Canadian society.’  What that means is that they don’t want people living within their own customs, communities, language, culture or lands.  It is absolutely mandatory that all indigenous walk away from their customs.  The next sentence of the white paper says it explicitly:  ‘Such a goal requires a break with the past.’  This statement is the most evil statement I’ve ever read in a government document.  Why is that?  Well one must be acutely aware that under British Common Law, custom trumps law.  Let me repeat that:


What that means is that if people live a certain way for a very long time, it does not matter what legislation is passed or how courts rule.  The fact that the people have a custom that they have used to govern themselves for a long period of time – THAT CUSTOM TRUMPS EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!!  That is the Achilles Heel of the whole British System and what they are most afraid of.  They are terrified of people figuring out that all we need to do is return to our roots, govern ourselves and there is nothing they can do to stop us.  Despite that, there are other factors that would support such a move.  Under International law it states:

“The state is obliged to defend and preserve all its members; and the prince owes the same assistance to his subjects. If, therefore, the state or the prince refuses or neglects to succor a body of people who are exposed to imminent danger, the latter, being thus abandoned, become perfectly free to provide for their own safety and preservation in whatever manner they find most convenient, without paying the least regard to those who, by  abandoning them, have been the first to fail in their duty.”

The government has apologized for only a fraction of the failures where they failed to defend and preserve ALL of its members.  They made numerous clams in their treaties and legislation that the Indians were citizens, subjects and as such members upon which they had an obligation to defend and preserve. They failed in that duty.  As such, each and every single individual within that group is completely free to provide for their own safety and preservation without any obligation or duty to the Crown.  This is for all those who don’t believe they are sovereign and fell for the trap of receiving government benefits and / or privileges such as Status Indian Cards, Drivers Licenses, Birth Certificates, Social Insurance Numbers, etc.

There are a few wise individuals that have managed to not fall for these colonial tricks and maintained their Spiritual, physical, emotional and mental sovereignty.  They receive nothing from the state and live off the land.  These individuals can be joined by others who walk away to stand up to the barbaric treatment of church conquest through the brute force of the Crown.

There are some who are working with the UN under the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.


Again, I urge caution as the UN is nothing more than a forum for the world puppet masters to integrate the world into a one world government.  They speak with forked tongues and nobody can trust what they say as their words are deceptive.  Within the UN Declaration, they use the word ‘peoples’.  Not ‘people’ or ‘person’ or ‘individual’ but ‘peoples’.  ‘Peoples’ is defined as:  ‘Human Beings in general or considered collectively‘ (Merriam-Webster) or ‘A NATION or a state is, a body politic, or a society of men united together’ (Law of Nations).  Either way, when you group people together a body politic is created.  A body politic is a fiction, a legally dead entity with no life or no capacity to speak.  Lawyers job is to speak for these entities.  That is their single purpose, to speak for the dead or those unable to speak.

The game is deep and complex.  I wrote a whole book to help people get their heads wrapped around some of these issues.  It is called Graduating Life with Honours and I am offering it for free to anybody who wants a copy.  Links to download the book can be found on my page


My dear indigenous brothers and sisters.  There are powers at work here that are working hard to make everyone dependent and they will do anything to accomplish that.  Our job is to resist that and do everything in our powers to be completely independent.  We need a healthy relationship with the land in order to do that.  But we also need to remember who we are, step into the power and authority of the Spirit and resist the evil acts of men hiding behind masks, deceiving people with greed, lust and power.  This whole issues is way too complex to describe in a single post and even in a book.  I know that what I write may be very hard for some to believe and for others to comprehend.  Know this:  our salvation is working together and standing up to these bullies and accepting the customs of our ancestors and trusting the Creator and his full power and authority.  I have some of the pieces and you have the others.  Only together will we put the pieces together and bring peace, freedom, prosperity and love to this land once again.

That will not happen by fighting the system but rather declaring peace and no longer participating with it.  We have the wisdom, knowledge and experience to do this ourselves without the help of the state or any of their minions hiding behind masks.  I pray that my views and research will reach those who know what I am talking about and can translate it for those who don’t.  Peace to you my dear brothers and sisters.

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