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I’ve been asked by multiple people to comment on this type of info. These types of reports have been floating around for a couple years. I will admit that I got excited and caught up with these updates too. However, I see a trend and that the changes are always just around the corner. Just a few days away. I even hear from people about what the channelers are talking about too. They tell people to just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Nesara Update Jan 5/12

YOUR REPUBLIC! Time to Celebrate! Jan 16th/2013

I spent a lot of time working on validating the claims made in these documents. I never could. Even the latest link (intel-update-your-republic-time-to-celebrate-jan-16th) found no collaborating information to prove it to be true. In fact, what I found was evidence that these stories are false. For me anyway.

U.S. Constitution to be read aloud in house Tuesday

I could not find any validation that there are only 71 members, down from 535. I could not even find the speech that was made to open the 113th Congress. The clips that I read in news reports do not support the ideas presented in the above two links. The latest article talks about how the Constitution is going to be read in Congress, for the second time in history. Sounds very impressive. Until you realize that the first time in history was just two short years ago. I ask you, has the US government gotten smaller in the past two years? Has freedom and liberty returned to the people of the US? Has the reading of the Constitution done anything to return the government back into the constitutional box they are supposed to operate within? Some of these documents would even suggest that Obama is a ‘good guy’ and is passing all these executive orders to flush out the filth from withing the government.

I don’t believe it. Not for a second. I believe that these reports are nothing more than red herrings designed to distract people while further changes occur that is opposite of what they say. I still see people getting thrown in jail, guns being taken away, millions without food or on food stamps, etc. I do see many great things happening as well. However, all those great things has occurred because of people like you and I who don’t sit back and wait, but rather get off our butts and do something. That is the last thing the government wants to happen. They are desperately wanting the people to stay asleep, compliant and docile. I really think these reports are nothing more than distractions to encourage people to wait for the changes rather than be the change. I don’t believe for a second that any one man will come and save us all. This is going to require billions of people to stand up, speak out and take action. If all of a sudden the prosperity programs to pay out, then great. We can use that money to further the cause. However, we must be in motion first, to best utilize any assistance we get. Taking action once the money shows up is too late.

So I personally take these posts with a lot of skepticism. I used to believe them, but no longer. If I saw the 3 hour full disclosure being displayed on main stream media for 10 days then I would believe it. However, I would still see these with great skepticism – depending on what their message is. I don’t believe much of what these guys say for I still believe actions speak louder than words. So far, these guys are nothing but words. I have way more respect for those who are taking action. That is where the real change is! What are your thoughts? Please leave your comments below!

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