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My New Upcoming Book “Graduating Life with Honours”

I have been in the process of writing a book over the last few months which makes it challenging to keep up with news letters, etc. I am calling my book ‘Graduating Life with Honours, Conscious Self-Governance in God’s Kingdom’. I decided to focus on steps people can take to govern themselves which required a discussion about the three realms that we currently deal with; Spiritual, Physical, Fictional. Those three realms also correlate with the Mind, Body and Soul.

Thank you to the hand full of people who have supported me in the project so far, emotionally, spiritually and financially. I really do appreciate the support. I know things out there are tight, so I know that donations are tough to come by. I trust that I will receive what I need exactly when I need it. We will get this book out to people.

Rather than getting into all the detail that I teach in my workshops or on line, I felt that I would take a different approach and instead explore the relationships between all three and our interaction with them all. Despite what most people think, Corporations and Governments do not physically or spiritually exist but rather are nothing more than fictional constructs of our minds. When we boil it down to it, these ‘entities’ are nothing more than expressions of relationships between people. Nothing more, nothing less. So when we start taking a look at those relationships and compare them to what a healthy interdependent relationship is supposed to look like, we find that they are not healthy at all. It is our duty and responsibility to ensure that ALL our relationships are healthy and as such it is time to either confront ourselves on why we would continue to participate in abusive relationships. If we can see the fictional entities in such a way, it would be easier to work on those relationships or choose to forge new ones.

To do that, I suggest that it is important that we accept that we live in a paradox between the Spiritual Realm and the Physical Realm. Many of us have rejected the Spirit and as such I will write about both realms and how those relationships may look like as we start to move away from the Fiction and embrace the Spirit and the Physical realities of this form of existence. Yes, we need the mind and the fiction but I suggest that they are tools only and should be used as such. The mind or the fiction should never control or take over our lives but merely serve us on our journeys.

So what will it take to gain command over the mind and the fictions so that we can embrace the true essence of who we are? To make such significant changes in our lives requires a firm grasp of relationships and how to go about the process. I will be the first to admit that I am not there yet. I will share my experiences turning around and recovering from depression, suicide attempts, marriage and friendship failures in order to show others what I have done to turn my life around and start governing myself on all levels. I am sure that over time, I will have more to add. I feel now is a good time to write a book on how people can really get started on self governance and what it will take to accomplish that goal.

My goal is to have the book finished by this summer and in print by this fall. I have chosen to self publish as I do not want to give control of the book to any corporate entity. So as such, I am responsible for all marketing and sales of the book. It will be a good lesson for me. :) Thank you in advance to all those who choose to support this project.

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