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I was asked by a friend if things like this make a difference. I’ve talked about marches in the past but felt it prudent to speak of it again. Here is a quote:

“I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.” – Mother Teresa

Why would she say something like this? I believe it has to do with where we focus our energy, thoughts and time. The more we focus on war, the more of it we will have. It does not matter if it is pro-war or anti-war, the brain only sees ‘war’. So Mother Teresa was right in that if people march for peace, then she would be there.

In regards to the ‘March against Monsanto’, the problem I see is that Monsanto does not even exist! People are protesting a fiction. People are confronting an entity that has no spirit, no life, no substance. I can appreciate the fact that they are working on bringing awareness and thinking that they can apply pressure to those who wear the masks, but their energy and focus is not on the people but rather the corporation – a dead body!

Marches are a form of confrontation. However, why not directly confront the CEO or the board of directors? Better yet, why not directly confront the farmers and other consumers of their products? Not everyone in Monsanto is involved in the harm produced by their products AND this is not the only organization involved! The full liability rests with the key individuals who hide test results, infiltrate government in order to favor the corporate agenda, who bribe officials, who intimidate others, who succumb to greed at the expense of their fellow man. Those are the individuals who need to be confronted.

In the end though, marches are a form of rebellion and part of the process of growing up. I believe that growing my own food, governing myself, living off grid and walking the path has a far greater impact on others than spending an afternoon walking down a street. The protest only lasts for a short while, where my lifestyle is a constant reminder. I believe that if I want to change the world then I must change my world.

Grow Your Own FoodI cannot make others change. I can only confront people, just as I am on this post or influence people, just as I have when I share my story. That is the most effective method. Sure, the march will bring awareness, but lets focus on the root issue: people are completely out of touch with their food and like children, completely dependent on a corporate food system that is not interested in food at all but profits and control. This is easy to fix. Grow your own food or build strong relationships directly with those who grow your food for you! As soon as people start doing that then the whole food infrastructure system comes crashing down and it is all done.

One more thing. I’ve been reading many articles about how these corporations ‘own’ gene patents, etc to not only our food but to our own bodies. That is like saying Bugs Bunny owns my house because he filed a patent on earthships because he lives under ground. Give me a break. Are we so blind to the fiction that we cannot see past the smoke screen being pulled over our eyes?

Corporations, Governments, Courts, Patents, Titles, etc are all fictions. They do not exist. They are nothing more than constructs in our minds. They are nothing more than an expression of relationships between people. Nothing more. Nothing less. If those relationships are abusive then it is our duty to walk away and form new relationships that will be founded on love, honor and respect. It is no different than two people in an abusive marriage. What kind of relationships do you want in your life? Are you willing to put in the work in order to accomplish true change?

This is one of the core foundations of my new book which I hope to have out by this fall. So go ahead and march if you want to. It might bring some awareness, but the biggest change is what you do when you get back home afterwards.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. May you be blessed with peace, freedom, great healthy food, prosperity and love.

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