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Global Issues


LOTS of people have been contacting me about this “One People’s Public Trust” that is making the rounds. For those that are not aware, a group of individuals down in the states have filed commercial documents to literally foreclose on the Federal Reserve and corporations. Their premise is that they are re-instituting the original republic which is very different than the corporation that has been in power for many years. They are also suggesting that all the wealth of the world has been returned to the people and there is about $5 Billion US worth per individual.

You can read the links and do a Google search on the OPPT. There is a lot of hype about this work. Lots to read and listen to as well.


This is my take on it all…..Does anybody really know what it will take to be free? What will happen to people when so much wealth is injected back into the current economy? Hyper-inflation a billion times more than anything we have ever seen? Especially if they choose to use digital Fiat currency rather than Gold and Silver. They want to set the Gold and Silver free too because it has energy like us.

If they actually succeed in getting their foreclosures enforced then that would be amazing. The problem that I see right now is that the criminal cabal has the force right now (police, military, courts, etc) so getting this enforced is a daunting task. Only a small percentage of the people are even aware of what is going on. They are going to need massive media coverage to bring all the rest of the population into alignment with the significance of what they have accomplished.

The other problem I see with this is that there is a failure to recognize that we are in a fascist state right now, not because of the people running government but rather because of the people consenting to be governed in such a way. Fascism is something rooted in the mind set of the people, NOT in the mindset of the leadership. The leaders are there because they took advantage of the conditions presented to them by the people. If the people were interested in freedom, then it would be impossible for the fascist leaders to get into power.

I still advocate that the only way to fix the problems we see is to get your own house in order. I refuse to jump onto this ‘bandwagon’. I refuse to swear allegiance or an oath to some fictional ‘trust’ or ‘republic’. Even if they did re-institute the republic, it will fall again. This is a vicious cycle that must be broken and can only be broken when people recognize that they are responsible for governing themselves. The moment anybody takes up the banner of setting up a new government, they are perpetrating the cycle and in a few hundred years they will be in the exact same place as they are today.

The one thing we must be vigilant about is that with every revolution, the people revolt and win. However, they don’t fully comprehend what they revolted against and they end up re-installing the same system that they just revolted against. I see this as being no different.

kingdom_of_godIf we really want to break this cycle for good, we must recognize that the solution is within ourselves. We must pick up the duty of self governance and not give our power away to anybody else. We must also recognize that this is going to take a whole bunch of work, soul searching, emotional processing and a level of spirituality that the world has never seen. We must forgo the fictions of the world and recognize that they do not exist and embrace the physical and spiritual world rather than the fictional.

There is going to be a LOT of this kind of stuff coming up over the next while. It will be exciting and a lot of energy built up behind it. A lot of people are going to jump onto these things with excitement and jubilation.

In the end, it must be routed in the truth;

The Kingdom of God is within YOU. There shall be only one creator and one master. We must get back into harmony with our natural world. We have a very sick planet to help and not addressing our addictions, dependencies and embracing the true power within is not a healthy action to take. We must address our own health first (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

I do apologize to all of you who are excited about this movement. I do not want to appear negative or pessimistic. However, this raises a whole bunch of red flags for me and I felt a duty to share my thoughts and feelings about it. I will watch it intently to see where they go with this, however I will not participate in it. My path is leading me in a different direction. I do pray that it works out for the best for all.

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