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Joel Salatin Semester Workshop by Verge Permaculture

When Joel Salatin came to Alberta in 2013 on the invitation of Rob and Michelle Avis, it was an event I knew I had to attend. Having grown up on a farm, I still found myself in awe with the quantity and quality of the information that Joel presented. It was a fantastic event with many exceptional reviews by those who attended.  That information is available for purchase through Verge Permaculture at http://salatinsemester.com or  http://vergepermaculture.ca

It would be a colossal mistake to think that this information is only for farmers. As consumers, we all have a duty to ensure that the food we eat is grown ethically and of the highest quality possible. How can we possibly support or evaluate the farmers that raise our food if we have no idea how food should be grown? Joel’s information presented by Verge Permaculture is a fantastic resource for people who want to start learning how food should be grown and how to start building healthy, direct, one-on-one relationships with their food and those who produce it. When we shorten the food chain we make it healthier by removing the middle man, processors, preservatives, chemicals, excess energy consumption and profiteers that corrupt our food and the environment. My end goal is to encourage the consumer to produce their own food as I believe nobody should have to pay to eat. Food is free as it all comes from nature, like manna from heaven provided for us by our Creator. Joel’s information can be used by anybody and by having the materials in your possession, you can review some or all of the information over and over if necessary to get you started.

Joel Salatin & me

But this is not just about food. This is about fulfilling our spiritual duty to replenish the earth as proper stewards. Joel Salatin is a self proclaimed land healer and he takes his stewardship duties very seriously. His ‘Land Healing Ministry is focused on rebuilding soil and listening to the animals as they all want to help us in our stewardship duties. The animals are able and willing to work with us. All we need to do is learn how to listen to them and guide them in their duties. For those that want to live off grid, become self sufficient and heal the land, this package is a must have resource for your private library.

Joel will share with you how he observed the relationship between the land, buffalo and the birds. By using grazers like cows and sheep, he works to mimic the quick disturbance of the large herds of buffalo as they move across the prairie. Birds following behind to clean up after the herds. This may seem rather simple but the implications of this historic observation has resulted in untold benefits to every single life form involved in that whole process. The plants are healthier and robust as they are forced to drive their roots deeper into the soil. As a result, the land can support more animals. Birds spread the manure and eat the bugs, resulting in fantastic disease control. Imagine using natures methods to increase production and revenues from $90 per acre to $6000 per acre. Consider being able to do that without the use of chemicals, fertilizers, irrigation, cultivation, antibiotics and other harmful methods.

The stunning part of this workshop is that you can learn how to do all this magnificent work, even if you don’t own any land. It does not matter if you live in the heart of the city or deep in the forest. The methods that Joel covers in this workshop can be applied no matter where you live.

me in greenhouse

For the past decade, my wife and I have been living off grid and doing all we can to heal the land and be proper stewards by following what Joel teaches. Our life style and beliefs resonate deeply with what Joel shares in this workshop and books. His methods are not theories but instead are deeply rooted in his lifestyle that he shares openly. I have a deep respect and admiration for Joel, Rob & Michelle as all their work and visions are critical if we want to empower the individual and confront the rape and pillage done through the industrialization of food production by governments and multinational corporations around the world.

As Gandhi once said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” We can heal this planet and our allies are all the plants and animals that share this world with us. Time to see them as partners and get to work. This product is a fantastic first step.

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