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Global Issues


If I was invited to speak at the UN or parliament, my speech may go something like this:

Dear Brothers and Sisters;

There is a war raging on in this world. This war has been going on for thousands of years and taken many lives in many forms. The enemy cannot be killed with bullets or bombs, despite how hard we try. The enemy cannot be found in our neighbours back yard, despite how hard we look. In fact this enemy cannot be killed at all. This enemy commands the dead and has somehow managed to control the world with his army. His army kills people, destroys our food, poisons our water and pillages our land. His army of death has infiltrated every aspect of our lives and his weapon is treachery. He has managed to convince us all that his ways are the best ways and that he will serve us all. His lies and deceit are subtle yet powerful and his intent is to destroy everything here. The battlefield is not our back yards but rather the hearts and minds of men. The enemy is the Devil and he lives in each and every one of us. He works hard to deceive us and keep us from walking our path, yet we cannot get ride of him because he is a part of who we are.

How can we defeat an enemy that knows us better than ourselves? How can we defeat an enemy that resides in us without destroying ourselves?

The only way to win this war is to declare peace and command the devil to step aside. The only way to win this war is to no longer participate with his lies and fictions (governments, corporations, etc), to stand in our truth and declare to the world that I AM that I AM. We win this war by taking positive actions towards self governance, self sufficiency, dealing with our own internal issues and helping our fellow man. We triumph by confronting those who are still being deceived by this evil force and help guide them to truth. We will be conquerors over death by sending the dead back to where they came from so that we may live. We start to live by shedding the death that we have wrapped around ourselves and say goodbye to the persons, corporations and governments that we have fed our energy to for thousands of years resulting in these ideas growing up around us to control and govern our lives.

Let us all face the truth; corporations, governments, courts, fictional money, greed, power and control are all constructs of the mind. They do not physically exist but can physically manifest harmful symptoms if we choose to breath life into these ideas and act upon them. They take on a life of their own if we let them, but they are completely powerless unless we choose to give them power. They cannot do anything unless we choose to act on their behalf.

This devil depends on our choices to ignore the truth and to accept his deception. However, the devil is scared. He knows that his power is weak and he is completely dependent on our own complacency and fear. He knows that once we figure it out and command him to stop, he must surrender to our will. He will do everything in his power to deceive us and convince us that his way is best. He will even call upon the devil in others to intimidate and control us. People like Christ, Gadhi, Martin Luthor King Jr. and many others have stood up, rejected the devil and commanded him to step aside. These people moved whole nations to action and the devil somehow managed to command others to end their lives, but he could not kill their spirit or their ideas. Their spirit and ideas have grown stronger over the years and we can find strength and wisdom there to help guide and serve us.

We are at the cusp of human history. We face a choice of biblical proportions. People all over the world are standing up and speaking their minds. They are prepared to die in order to protect themselves, their families, the land, water and air of mother earth. They are prepared to confront others who would force their will upon mankind just for their own evil profits and control despite their complete disregard for nature or mankind. Many of us still think that the solution is within the fictional death called Government that was all created by the devil or that the solution is to kill a few key people. The moment that we all realize that the solution is within ourselves, we will win this war. The war is within the individual, not between governments. The struggles are within. One by one we are winning this war and when the truth sweeps across the face of the earth then things will change. The UN will no longer exist. Corporations will disappear. Governments will fall. The people will rise up for the last time and declare that they are free and that they are willing and able to govern themselves. They will stand as true stewards of the earth. The people will look after one another and work together to bring prosperity to the world, just as the Creator has commanded us to do. All the nations of the earth will surrender to the Kingdom of God and that Kingdom is within you.

Hands on a globeSo I call upon my brothers and sisters to pick up your sword and use it. Your sword is truth, peace and forgiveness. Picking up your sword requires that you find courage, strength and honour within yourself. It requires change, action, education and work. Picking up your sword means that you must command the devil within yourself to step aside, before you can confront or challenge your brothers or sisters. You must learn how to govern yourself and how to be a good stewards of the earth. It means we must slay the fictional constructs from our own minds and put them to rest forever. It requires that we no longer participate with the illusions of those easily influenced by their devil within. It may also require that we learn how to deal with death and loss, for not everyone can be saved from themselves due to their own free will. People will perish through this war. There will be many losses.

In the end though, peace, love and truth will prevail because it is in our nature to do so. The devil will not win because it is within his nature to fail, he will destroy himself. I have no idea what things will look like after this war is over. I will not even pretend to guess how glorious the rewards will be. All I know is that we will be challenged to our limits for the devil is on his last death throws and that is when he is the most dangerous and cunning. Don’t fall for his evil tricks. This cannot be won with guns and bombs. It can only be won with love, compassion, forgiveness and a willingness to do the work and to help and challenge others do the same.

All that is left is for you to choose to make that leap of faith and let go of all the death and fictions we have all cherished for so many years. The Creator will look after us should we reject all that the devil has to offer. I pray that you can see what I am working hard to share.

I look forward to inviting you all to my dinner table, not as ambassadors but as brothers and sisters.

May God bless you all with peace, prosperity, freedom and love

I AM that I AM
My name; rob in the pagé family

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