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Feudalism – The Norman Conquest of England

As a direct consequence of the invasion in 1066, William the Conqueror systematically dispossessed English landowners and conferred their property on his continental followers. The Domesday Book meticulously documents the impact of this colossal programme of expropriation, revealing that by 1086 only about 5 per cent of land in England south of the Tees was left in English hands. (The process taken to setup the demesne of the King). Even this tiny residue was further diminished in the decades that followed, the elimination of native landholding being most complete in southern parts of the country.

This same process of disposing and expropriating native control over land occurred in every conquest made since, including but not limited to Turtle Island (aka North America).

The courts claim jurisdiction as a result of ancient custom tied directly to William the Conqueror in 1066, when feudalism started.

Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench (N.P. v. LDS Adoption Services, 2006 ABQB 78)

“The Norman kings always regarded themselves as the successors of Edward the Confessor. They were lawful kings of the English; and, as such, they were entitled to exercise those powers of government which men believed were put into their hands for the preservation of peace, the protection of the weak, and the maintenance of justice. Because they were kings they had powers which transcended the powers of a mere feudal suzerain. No doubt these powers were vague. But, because they were vague, they were of the greatest value to kings who were in a position to exploit them to the uttermost, firstly because they were in effect conquerors, and secondly because they were men of exceptional ability and force of character.”

The conquerors justify their possession of the land and jurisdiction over the conquered, placing them all under feudal tenure. All done through force or threat of force. Maintaining authority and power through might.

As a result, feudal serfs must then get permission to possess land or do any activity they once did freely, prior to conquest.

Liberation from the feudal lords is required before we can be truly free. The whole land we call ‘CANADA’ is also under conquest, despite the treaties or assertions made by the Crown.  I write about this in my book, which can be download for free from my website.


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