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My indigenous brothers and sisters use the word ‘colonialism’ a lot, so I thought I would explore what that word really means.  From all the reading and research I have done, I can safely associate the process of colonialism to how some people break a wild mustang.

First, capture a once free mustang, completely independent and living in harmony with the natural world.

Second, confine the mustang in a small space and make it completely dependent upon you.

Third, halter the mustang, whip it and force it to run in circles.  Perhaps starve it a bit.  Control it’s food and water. Use pain or what ever means possible to break its will.

The goal:  To break it’s will by breaking its physical body, emotional body and mental body in order to control the Spirit of the animal. Once the mustang’s will has been broken, then it will do as you command.  For those that have a strong will, send them to slaughter as dog food or glue.

The process of our indigenous brothers and sisters was and still is exactly the same.  The process of colonization is to take a free people and train them how to be feudal serfs (slaves).  Free people refuse to be slaves as they view that process as backwards and a violation of their Spirit and all they believe and have accomplished.  Moving from independence to dependency is humiliating and degrading.  That is why, I believe, the history between the indigenous and the colonizers is so tense, hostile and full of pain, suffering, anger, frustration and sadness.  The colonization process required taking control of the food, so they wiped out the buffalo and other food sources.  They confined them into small spaces (reserves) and made them completely dependent.  They placed halters on the people, turning them into status Indians and forced them to get permission just to travel or do anything.  They banned their language, customs, ceremonies by making them illegal.  They forced them to run around in circles dealing with bureaucratic red tape.  They starved them out, poisoned their water, introduced disease, took their children, murdered them, raped them, whipped them, performed experiments on them.

Why?  Because they were free and in order to turn them into feudal slaves, they had to break them and their will to be free in order to control their spirit!  The only way to do that is to treat them like animals and break their physical bodies, emotional bodies and mental bodies.  Only a broken individual can be a slave.  A healthy, vibrant, powerful being driven by love, compassion, peace and freedom cannot be a slave.  It is impossible for that to happen. That is why Indians have been viewed as animals as they could not do that to another Man, only to beasts.  So they were viewed as beasts.

Colonialism is nothing more than a process to enslave a free people.  Those who are the colonizers, settlers, etc are already feudal slaves and as such easy to control and end up being the tools for which this evil system can propagate.  In order to fulfill the spirit of the truth and reconciliation process, what is required is to free the people.  Stop the colonization process and allow people to be completely, 100% free of the feudal system.  It is the ONLY way!  Any refusal to free the people will be a continuation of the colonization process and we all know what steps are required to break the will of the people to ensure compliance and obedience.




Any refusal to allow people to leave the feudal system is evil.For those that have survived, I offer my book.  May it help heal the wounds and help strengthen to body, mind and emotions so that the Spirit may once again sing and dance free of slavery and feudal serfdom.

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