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800th Anniversary of Slavery Charter called ‘Magna Carta’ (June 15, 2015)

June 15, 2015 marked the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. To mark that event, the document is touring Canada and will make a visit in Edmonton in November & December 2015.


There are many who view this document as the foundation of human rights and freedoms. The document provided protections like Habeas Corpus, property rights, etc. However, let me paint a picture that outlines what this document really is.

My story starts around 800 – 1000 AD when feudalism took root in Europe under Christian rule. The king of the domain would divide the kingdom into manors and assign individuals to be Lords / Barons of each Manor. Each Lord / Baron would then rule over the Manor, collect taxes and manage all the serfs. It is the Lords & Barons who rebelled against King John in 1215 and forced him at knife point to sign the Magna Carta. The document was to protect the Lords, not the serfs. Only through time did some of those protections filter down to help the serfs as well.

In my research, Pope Innocent III rejected the signing of the Magna Carta as King John swore and oath of fealty to the Pope prior to the signing of the Magna Carta. As a result, Pope Innocent III declared the signing invalid as King John did not have authority to make such a deal. Make no mistake, the office of Pope is the highest authority in the world when it comes to feudalism on this planet and the Kings of the world are the Pope’s feudal vassals. Under papal decree, Christianity then claimed most of the world under decree of Doctrine of Discovery, which I have written about in previous posts.

To me, the Magna Carta is not a document that outlines the rules of free people but rather the freedoms granted to feudal serfs that the King promises to protect or at least recognize. The Magna Carta is not a document about freedom but rather outlines feudal slavery.

Now this feudal slavery charter is touring the realm and will be in the feudal manor called ‘CANADA’ for the remainder of the year. If anybody has any questions about feudalism and want to learn more about how to start living outside of this system as a true free individual rather than a feudal slave, then I recommend my book: Graduating Life with Honours. The book can be download for free from this website.

I don’t celebrate the event as it is nothing more than everyone celebrating their own slavery. To all those people, I hope you enjoy your slavery celebrations. For me, I will continue to work hard to remove myself from feudal slavery and restore the authority of the Creator upon this land that I steward. I suspect my indigenous friends all over the world would see this easier than most feudal slaves whom have ancestors that have been caught up in feudalism for the past 800 – 1200 years.

Enjoy your slavery.

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